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The background

Nuance Communications is a global tech giant specialising in developing speech recognition software and artificial intelligence products. They even provided the speech recognition engine to build Siri for Apple devices. As you would expect, any marketing activity done for Nuance would have to be executed to the highest standard. Involve Digital is no stranger to a challenge, and with Nuance being one of Involve Digital's foundation clients, they were out to impress. 


For years Involve Digital has been running performance digital marketing campaigns on behalf of Nuance across all regions. Their core products which Involve Digital, help promote are. 

  • Nuance Power PDF ( All Versions ) 
  • Dragon Speech Recognition ( All Versions )


Because Nuance has products specific to most industries, each product requires its own target audience—legal, medical, disability, consumer, government and finance to promote its products. The objective is always to increase sales, but the second objective is lead generation for their enterprise products. Think about a hospital having Dragon speech recognition for medical in every operating theatre to assist surgeons in logging information about the operation whilst their hands are full operating on a patient. These scenarios are of high value for Nuance, and finding the right person at the hospital who makes these decisions can be challenging. So having the right agency partner on board is critical.

The creative

Over the years, the creative has always been specific to the industry and the product and often has a lead magnet attached to it. The call to action is typically a free trial/demo; alternatively, it has a whitepaper. This helps get prospects into the nurture phase; for an enterprise-level client, the trick has always been to get individuals to use the products and then have them go to the decision maker within the business and present the use case and benefits. So therefore, the creative is a soft sell into a trial instead of price discounts. 

The approach

Every region has its campaign with each product and its target audience. Nuance has always been particular about who they target, so the campaigns reflect this. Typically the campaigns would run across Google search ads, display ads, Facebook and LinkedIn with some direct email activity. 

The optimization

The results

Involve Digital has run hundreds of campaigns for Nuance over the years. So here is a taste of some of the results from their enterprise campaigns. 

Nuance Dragon for Legal Professionals, 5,983 Clicks, 354,233 impressions, 1.69% click-through rate, $0.83 Cost per click, 341 leads with a cost per lead of $14.66 

Nuance Dragon for Finance Professionals, 16,954 Clicks, 7,773,913 Impressions, $1.12 cost per click, 232 leads at a cost per lead of $82.14 

Nuance Dragon for Government, 1,635 Clicks, 79,557 impressions, 2.06% click-through rate. $2.53 cost per click, 72 leads and a cost per lead of $57.53 

Nuance Dragon for Police, 7,580 clicks, 299,532 impressions, 2.53% click-through rate, $0.62 cost per click, 181 leads at a cost per lead of $26.17 and converting at 2.39%