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The background

Naked Wines is the wine subscription service that fights for local winemakers against the impersonal supermarket movement. In the modern age, Naked Wines is a person's best chance of having reasonably priced access to talented winemakers and their quality wine. Understanding the Naked Wines business model Involve Digital's priority before beginning to outline our digital media plan. Ultimately, it was made trickier due to Google's strict rules on selling alcohol online. The creative content was another factor that stacked the odds against ID. We would have preferred content more worthy of our unique and exciting client. Campaigns don't come more granular. Age increments, interest targets, genders, engagement levels, and possible ways to split a group of people. And they were then, comprised from the small islands of interested demographics, an empire of our entire target audience formed. It was perfect, individual groups of people, all unique in their interests but brought together for one shared interest: they will invest in Naked Wines. Despite the challenge of selling alcohol to people who had gone teetotal for New Year's, we still achieved extraordinary results.


To drive subscriptions for Naked Wines for $30 or less. If Involve Digital could reach this goal, the budget was said to be limitless. 

The creative

A mix of creative was used and offered a discount on the first case of wine. These discounts were $100 off and $50 off. There was some other creative which focused on the winemakers and supporting them. 

The approach

Because the target audience was wine drinkers, Involve Digital needed to segment this overall audience into micro audiences so that they could speed up the optimisation process and have greater flexibility with the campaigns. The campaign structure reflected this and gave them great data.

The optimization

The results

$30 Target Cost Per Acquisition

After 2 days our CPA was $14 across facebook, so Naked Wines gave us permission to scale as much as possible as long as we stayed below the $30 CPA target. This was the lead up to Christmas

Overnight Disaster

From October to December we accumulated a huge amount of data and our optimisation was in full swing. New Years Day hit, and everyone had New Years resolutions which weren't in Naked Wines favour. The CPA went up to $90 overnight.

Our granular structure paid off


On New Year's Day, we stripped the campaign back to the audience which we knew converted at a low CPA. Scale was no longer a priority. A low CPA was. Our data and insights told us women aged 40 - 45 in high pressure job titles were going to be our focus.

The End Result

Within a few days after the New Year welcomed us the CPA was at $28 for the month of January. Overall we had a 4,362 sales which were attributed to the media campaign with an overall CPA of $20.67 which was 30% better than expected.