Top 5 Performance Marketing Tactics Dominating 2023


Top 5 Performance Marketing Tactics Dominating 2023

Top 5 Performance Marketing Tactics Dominating 2023

By Michael Wilkins

As 2023 marches on, the realm of digital marketing continues to evolve, offering innovative tactics pivotal to the success of campaigns. For businesses eager to maximise their advertising budget, staying abreast of the latest trends is paramount. Let's delve into the top five performance marketing tactics that have dominated this year's discourse.

1. Conversational Marketing and AI Chatbots:

The surge in AI and machine learning has propelled chatbots from basic script-based tools to advanced conversational partners. These bots, with their ability to comprehend context, offer tailored product suggestions and drive conversions, are becoming indispensable. Notably, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM, formerly known as SharpSpring, has emerged as an excellent platform for conversational marketing. Its advanced AI chatbot capabilities make it a prime choice for marketers seeking to elevate user engagement and reduce drop-offs.

2. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics:

The mantra "Data is the new oil" has never been more relevant. With the influx of big data, the focus isn't just on understanding past trends. Predictive analytics offer insights into future tendencies, whilst prescriptive analytics provides actionable guidance to attain set objectives. Here again, Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM shines. Its capabilities in predictive and prescriptive analytics allow marketers to forecast campaign outcomes, refine strategies on-the-go, and optimise ROI.

3. Video Marketing with Interactive Elements:

Whilst video marketing is a familiar terrain, the incorporation of interactive facets has rejuvenated the landscape. Be it shoppable videos, embedded quizzes, or live polls, these features enhance viewer engagement and foster higher conversion rates. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram continue to roll out novel video ad formats that align with this trend.

4. Personalised Dynamic Content:

The era of a universal approach has waned. The current focus lies in crafting bespoke experiences for users based on their behaviours, preferences, and previous interactions. Dynamic content, whether in emails, on websites, or within ads, alters in response to the viewer. Such levels of personalisation resonate deeply, resulting in superior engagement and conversion rates. It's worth noting that **Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM** is a formidable ally in this endeavour, facilitating the delivery of personalised dynamic content with precision.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences:

AR is no longer confined to games and playful filters. Brands are harnessing AR for "try-before-you-buy" experiences, interactive 3D ads, and virtual store tours. This immersive method significantly prolongs user interaction with a brand and often boosts the intent to purchase.

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The crux of performance marketing rests in its adaptability. Reflecting upon 2023, these tactics emerge not merely as passing trends but as strategic shifts set to mould the digital marketing sphere in the forthcoming years. For businesses and marketers desiring to stay at the forefront, it's not merely about adopting these tactics but mastering them.

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