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Because Involve Digital is an authorized reseller of Constant Contact Lead Gen and CRM we can set our own pricing. This is why we are offering Constant Contact's 20,000 contact package at a 50% discount.


Unleash the power of email marketing for your business today with the Constant Contact Email Marketing Platform.


Intuitive Email Designer

To create great looking emails with Constant Contact, you don’t need to be an expert with graphic design or programming. With a point and click, you can create stylish emails that convert leads.

SharpSpring's quick email design interface

Harness Dynamic Email Marketing Automation

By leveraging the behavioural data which Constant Contact collects on your contacts you are able to create powerful emails which convert. By using Constant Contact's dynamic email marketing automation platform, you are able to personalise emails with ease. Swap out phrases and images to make the outreach email more relevant to your target audience segement. Do all of this without writing a single line of code.

An example of SharpSpring's dynamic email feature

Save Time With The Email Marketing Template Library

Is lack of inspiration holding you back from crafting new and relevant email marketing content? With an abundance of templates that can be tailored to your branding, Constant Contact is the perfect solution for quick and high-quality marketing material.

Some exmaples of SharpSpring's email templates

Stunning Responsive Emails For Any Device

Make sure that your emails have a seamless experience on various screens and devices. With Constant Contact email marketing automation, you can create messages that will look good on desktop or mobile without any broken links or graphics.

Want Complete Design Control Over Your Own Email Templates?

No problem, you can use the drag and drop designer to create beautiful email templates from scratch. But fi you would like to take this one step further you can create your own custom HTML templates.

customising SharpSpring's email templates

Harness The Power Of Custom Merge Variables & Personalise Emails Today

Make your emails more relevant and personalised by using Constant Contact's custom merge variables feature. This works with any standard or custom field within Constant Contact.

SharpSpring's user interface showing how custom merge variables can be used

Have Complete Control With The HTML Editor

Constant Contact is the best email marketing platform available. Use it for custom emails with a simple editor or start editing one of our templates and dive into HTML code. You get the best of both worlds and never have to leave the page for converting your work to HTML.

SharpSpring's HTML editor interface

Organised & Convenient Email Marketing

The Constant Contact Email Marketing platform is a great way to plan, organise, and track your email marketing campaigns in one place. With the use of folders, you can stay organised with your emails and templates.

SharpSpring's folder management user interface

Sending Test Emails

Constant Contact makes it very easy to view how your message will look in any email client with its native integration with Litmus. Just send a test email and see how beautiful your message looks after testing it on dozens of different devices.

SharpSpring's user interface showing how test emails can be sent

Robust Email Analytics

Use Constant Contact Email Analytics to track email success from clicks and opens to deliveries, bounces, and stats. This will give you the ability to optimize your messaging and links by knowing which types of emails work best. You can also use this software over time to track any changes in your marketing strategy with the click of a button.

A screenshot of SharpSprings email analytics interface

What Happens After The Click? Constant Contact's Behavioural-Based Email Tracking Knows

Constant Contact gives you complete information on the visitor's behaviour after they have clicked through from an email. Know if the person visited a certain page, filled in a form, or signed up for your webinars and downloaded white-papers. By tracking these actions, you can tailor your future campaigns to suit their interests and needs.

A screenshot of sharpsprings life of the lead tab which shows the events which happened after the click.

Constant Contact Email Attachments

Constant Contact's email attachments feature will include up to 5 MB of attachments with your email. This is enough for supporting your message, storing marketing sheets and case studies on the Constant Contact Cloud CDN, and converting more leads into customers by offering exclusive content.

A screenshot of the sharpspring email marketing UI which shows how email attachments can be used

Constant Contact Smart Mails

Constant Contact has the tools to create one-to-one communication. With a Smart Mail, you can personalize quick correspondence with recipients to provide an unforgettable experience. The Constant Contact email marketing automation allows users to react to any customer's behavioral triggers and customize emails for every step of their buyer's journey.

A screenshot of SharpSprings smart mail user interface

Constant Contact Email Marketing Workflows

Get the content for your email marketing with Constant Contact's powerful email campaigns and automated workflows. Set up automation for individual customers to convert leads to sales, communicate at critical points in their buying process, and create behaviour-based workflows that engage contacts.

Trigger Automated Emails

Use email marketing automation to get more sales and keep customers engaged. You can send personalised, relevant, and timely messages using the power of triggers and filters.

a screenshot of sharpspring's automation workflow user interface
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Constant Contact forms which integrate seamlessly with your website.


SharpSpring Offers Forms That Have The Look & Feel Of Your Website

With SharpSpring's dynamic form builder, you can create customizable forms for any need and use CSS to design them in whatever way you'd like. Building a form has never been so quick or easy.

SharpSpring offers forms that have the look and feel of your website

SharpSpring Supports Third Party Form Integration

SharpSpring is a form builder that supports all major web forms, including FormStack, Gravity Forms, Wufoo, Sugar and Salesforce. It's easy to connect your own form with SharpSpring through the mapping tool.

SharpSpring supports third party form integration

Harness The Power Of Custom Fields For Web Form Automation

SharpSpring offers a lot more than just a standard form builder. With the Custom Fields feature, you can customize your forms and include any information you would like to have. This is great for understanding your buyer personas or design, as well as looking at customer service.

Harness the power of custom fields for web form automation

SharpSpring's Intuitive Drag-and-Drop User Interface

SharpSpring Forms is a dynamic form builder that's easy to use and just takes a few minutes to get started. Just drag and drop content, view changes on your website immediately, and customize the look of your forms with our powerful design editor.

Analytics & Web Form Insights

SharpSpring offers webform analytics that get to the bottom of what is working and what isn't. You can measure, compare, and optimise your form performance with insights into which gated content is driving lead conversion and which landing pages are capturing the most information. Get custom reports to track and display your web form performance over time for powerful metrics on demand.

A screenshot of the sharpspring web form analytics dashboard

Converts Leads At A Higher Rate With Auto Complete Forms

You can use SharpSpring auto complete forms to save your users time and increase conversions with a frictionless user experience. All they have to do is enter their email address, create an account and start filling out the form fields that are pre-filled for them. This ensures any infrequent user won't be deterred by all of the form fields and you'll increase your conversion rate.

Sharpsprings auto complete forms

Use Webex To Get Live Leads

Webex is a tool that you can combine with SharpSpring to capture leads, follow up with live events, and collect data. With our form builder software, you can decide which data to collect and provide event details like time and location.

The sharpspring Webex integration shown in a screenshot

Sync Form Data With Third Party Postbacks

You can sync form data instantly and automatically using the SharpSpring form automation software. Simply add a Postback URL to the software, and you can send the information to other apps or databases. The SharpSpring third party postback integration ensures that the data transfer is seamless and helpful for you.

An example of SharpSprings third party postback feature

Increase Conversion Rates With Custom Call-to-Action Buttons

SharpSpring offers simple, customizable call to action buttons that can be created with a few clicks of the mouse.

SharpSpring offers simple, customizable call to action buttons that can be created with a few clicks of the mouse.

CRM Integration Which Is Seamless

SharpSpring has built-in CRM features to save and organize lead information. If you want to import your lead data into a third-party CRM service, you can do that with the help of our form builder software.

The sharpspring sales interface showing CRM data

Integrate With All Major CMS Platforms

SharpSpring forms have compatibility with a wide range of CMS software, including WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, and Joomla. With SharpSpring's form automation services, you'll have an integrated content marketing strategy to make your website truly dynamic.

major CMS platforms like wordpress, drupal, joomla

Test & Preview Forms Before Publishing Them

With SharpSpring, you can view and test your web form automation before it goes live. You can see how your form looks so that it's ready for your customers to use when you push it to production. No last-minute fixes or edits needed--just a few clicks on the back end.

Test and preview sharpsprings forms before publishing them

Attach Personas To Form Submissions

With a form builder software like SharpSpring, you can create forms that will attach personas and track lead information automatically. Your new leads will be able to categorize themselves with the questions in your form so they can get the personalized information they need.

attaching persona data to form submissions with sharpspring forms

Use "how did you hear about us?" To Capture Offline Data

SharpSpring's web forms are able to track leads from non-digital campaigns. Attribute by tracking how people heard about your business with a customisable "How Did You Hear About Us?" field and set up the automation software so only relevant leads are tracked.

sharpsrings how did you hear about us feature

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Automation Workflows

With SharpSpring, you can create digital marketing automation workflows intuitively through point-and-click action. These workflows can be expanded with branching logic that follows your buyer’s path to conversion. Automation tasks and action groups help you create specific touch points on your journey, and if needed, can also set up nurturing campaigns and trigger messages in response to your leads instead of sending them on a one-track trip.

Automation Workflows

SharpSpring automation workflow interface
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Lead Nurturing Will Help Increase Conversion Rates

SharpSpring's marketing automation platform is perfect for drip email campaigns, giving your leads a chance to understand your brand and products throughout the sales process. You'll receive timely reactions to user behaviour and notifications when they're ready to buy so you can hit them back with a call.

The SharpSpring sales user interface shows how lead nurturing can be done

SharpSpring Lead Scoring

SharpSpring is a marketing automation platform that combines your leads, lead scoring, and nurturing campaigns. Lead scoring allows you to rank prospects according to engagement with your content. You can also customise the engagement metrics that give the most weight in determining lead scores so that they are customised to your sales model. By setting the decay rate, you can decrease a prospect's lead score over time, and SharpSpring will update the score automatically. That way, when a prospect is ready for conversion into a customer, you've got them automatically nurtured until it's time for their first purchase!

SharpSpring Lead Scoring 

Unlock The Power Of Dynamic Lists

With SharpSpring's Dynamic Lists, you can build a list of consumers that might be interested in a specific set of products from one particular area or scoring above a certain level. You can review the list and see how those consumers respond to your website!

Dynamic Lists by SharpSpring 

Capture & Leverage Rich Persona Data

With SharpSpring's customer persona data, you can build your buyer personas and customise them to fit your needs. You can send personalised emails, landing pages, newsletters or other content to segment messages by a persona with detailed information on your buyers and their specific interests. These rich customer profiles are also connected with the marketing automation platform so that as changes happen with either emailing templates or the analytics, the change reflects in both places.

SharpSpring's Persona Feature

Get Automated Text & Email Alerts 

SharpSpring provides a variety of text and email alerts for your marketing automation to stay in sync with every aspect of your business.

SharpSpring's text and email alert feature

Use Automation Triggers & Filters To Keep Leads Engaged

SharpSpring has a variety of triggers and filters available to customise your marketing campaigns. With triggers, you can quickly segment your customers into targeted segments based on their responses or interests. You can re-segment these groups and narrow them down to individual leads with filters.

Automation Triggers and Filters

Postback Data & Third Party Integrations

Shorten the distance between your marketing, sales, and customer service departments with SharpSpring's postback features. This data transfer tool allows you to send data to your third-party applications and databases in just a few clicks of a button. You can also tie marketing automation software into SharpSpring for a seamless user experience across teams and an easier integration of marketing automation software into your stack.

Postback Data and Third Party Integrations

Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With Dynamic Landing Pages

SharpSpring's dynamic landing pages provide the perfect solution for engaging your visitors with content suited to their interests. With just a few clicks, you can have an appealing page up and running with various settings to reach different audiences. Let marketing teams take the lead without requiring programmers or developers.

SharpSpring Cart Abandonment 

SharpSpring is a leading marketing automation provider for companies that want to end their cart abandonment. The customised workflows can automatically follow up with leads when they abandon their potential purchases. This means no more wasted time and money on those prospects who may never return—stay in touch with your leads and close more sales!

SharpSpring Cart Abandonment 

Multi-Device Tracking Capabilities

SharpSpring can track all of a contact's devices, whether they are desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart speakers or brick-and-mortar stores. This is beneficial for small and large companies alike because it gives you a complete view of how clients find your business and how you can tailor your offerings to them.

Multi-Device tracking capabilities 

Unleash The Power Of Dynamic Email Marketing 

Reach people directly with personalised emails that convert to sales. Send personalised, dynamic, relevant emails to your leads without the need for time-consuming coding. Swap out entire phrases, images and offers using an intuitive interface – all based on what you know about your contacts—the result: emails that genuinely convert.

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Visitor ID

With SharpSpring's Visitor ID website lead tracking becomes easy, your site becomes a two-way communication tool. Track and notify your sales team about website visitors who are in the sales funnel. Send real-time notifications when leads visit your site to learn more information about your products or prices and let them know how to reach out.

Visitor ID

Daily VisitorID Email

Stay in the loop by using the SharpSpring lead tracking system and have all your data readily available when needed. You can increase conversion rates and identify areas for improvement without ever leaving your inbox.

Page Visits, Referral URLs & Search Terms

SharpSpring offers a full-spectrum sales lead tracking system. You can track IP addresses and focus on B2B website visitor tracking. The company provides detailed, granular reports that go beyond standard web analytics.

Important Pages

When leads visit Important Pages, their Lead Scores will increase. You can then use these increased scores to send more personalized messages to them and set up automated workflows for that page. You can also identify high-converting pages and pain points using visitor tracking.

Important Contacts

You can choose a specific industry to target, and Visitor ID will find the contacts for that group, so you can customize your marketing strategies.

Powerful Filters

Filter out inefficient website visitors, and focus on the ones that make up your marketing goals! Block ISPs and other businesses who you wouldn't want to work with. Focus your analytics, reports, and responses only on the leads that are most relevant. Enjoy automatic site visitor filtering with our system, or refine it to suit your business goals.

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Bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams with SharpSprings powerful CRM.


Use Smart Mail To Speed Up Your Prospects Path To Purchase

Sharp Spring CRM is a customer relationship management app that helps your team keep in touch with customers through personalised emails. It also keeps tabs on communication and sends reminders for follow-up emails.

SarpSpring CRM user interface

Integrate The CRM With Third Party Apps

Sharp Spring is a powerful CRM with a built-in personalised marketing engine, so you can always be up to date on your leads and the data that you need. With the API and Zapier integration, it can connect to Zoho, Pipedrive, Nimble, and many other major marketing platforms.

“SharpSpring has an awesome built-in CRM, so you don't have to go out and buy separate software licenses for the features you need. SharpSpring is a complete marketing automation system with true behavioral marketing capabilities.” Rafael Zabala Interactive Marketing

Third Part Apps that SharpSpring's CRM can connect to.

Create Custom Milestone Stages Throughout The Buyers Journey

With SharpSpring, brands can easily track the progress of opportunities by setting up custom stages for deals. Customise the number, order, name and description to fit your unique business model.

SharpSpring custom deal stages

Get The Complete View Of Your Pipeline

Sharp Spring integrates seamlessly with your prospects' data to give you a clear view of the deal at each stage. This easy-to-use sales funnel system provides an instant overview of customer progress through the customer cycle, letting you make decisions with all the relevant information easily laid out.

SharpSpring 's CRM pipeline view

Attach Social Notes For Enhanced Collaboration

Sharp Spring Social notes lets you collaborate without the complexity of other customer relationship management systems. With avatars, "Mark as Read" tags, and a clear timeline of all conversations, it becomes simple to share tips and track your customer interactions.

SharpSpring Social notes

Use Reminders To Close Deals Quicker

From any page in the Sharp Spring platform, you can create a reminder that will never miss an opportunity. Attach reminders to opportunities and contacts so that these won't be overlooked. Review reminders from your team with social notes and assign tasks accordingly.

SharpSpring Reminders

Integrate Social

Sharp Spring is a CRM able to track leads and customers with links to social media. Use Integrations to connect your usual providers and enjoy conversations on multiple platforms.

SharpSpring Social

Real-Time Lead Scoring

SharpSpring uses a combination of real-time lead scoring and decay tracking to efficiently keep your marketing campaigns updated. With the Lead Scoring tool, you'll be able to identify hot prospects on the CRM platform with just one click. You can specify scores based on engagement, page tracking, fit, and completeness of information, then target your communication. SharpSpring will also tell you when leads have changed for better engagement.

SharpSpring real time lead scoring

Life Of The Lead History

Life of the Lead is a powerful software that combines email tracking, automation, and reporting to your CRM. As soon as you get an email from a contact, Life of the Lead automatically records the date and time in your CRM. From there on out, anytime you log into your CRM account and view their timeline, you'll be able to see how that contact's journey has progressed since the first email. You'll get an understanding for what made them want to buy from you, what pain points they were feeling at each stage of the process, and more.

View of lead history from within the SharpSpring dashboard

CRM Reports Which Are Actionable

Sharp Spring CRM Reports give you all the information you need to measure your sales success. With interactive reports, you can choose which areas are most important to you and then customize reports to get all the information you need.

SharpSpring CRM reports

Build The Best CRM Around Your Needs

Sharp Spring CRM has a wide variety of features for customising to your needs. With customisable fields, stages of deals, reports, filters, and more, this platform is sure to fit the needs of any business.

Use Lead Memberships To Track Touch Points

Sharp Spring is a great way to review all of the contact points you have with an individual lead. The Memberships tab allows for scanning across campaigns, lists, opportunities, workflows, and emails.

SharpSpring lead memberships

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Landing Pages

The SharpSpring landing page builder is designed for marketing teams to easily build high converting, scalable landing pages. Developer expertise isn’t required.

Landing Pages

Save Time With The Point-and-Click Landing Page Editor

If you need the basics of a landing page, Sharp Spring is the way to go. With an intuitive interface and WYSIWYG features, you can easily create your landing page. You can choose from layouts and add components such as forms to capture leads.

"We love the ability to offer a customized experience based on user behavior with SharpSpring's dynamic content feature." Susan Merlo Next Level iMedia

SharpSpring point and click anding page editor

Leverage The Power Of Dynamic Content On Your Landing Pages

Sharp Spring offers simplified content creation for landing pages with dynamic and personalised content. You can also easily swap out images, headlines, and body text which will automatically adapt to the visitor. This means that your landing pages will be suitable for multiple audiences.

Create Engaging Sales Funnels with the Landing Page Creator

Sharp Spring offers a series of high-quality landing pages that are versatile, customisable, and perfect for your needs. These landing pages offer different templates that you can use to transform visitors into leads and prospects or just convert them in general. You can design your own funnel with the SharpSpring landing page creator or choose one of their many templates.

SharpSpring landing page creator

Pre Built Responsive Landing Page Templates Ready To Go

Sharp Spring offers dozens of beautifully designed responsive landing page templates. Choose from one of the many available layouts or start with a template and edit it to your liking.

SharpSpring landing page templates

Landing Pages For All Devices

SharpSpring's landing pages are simple and easy to use. Design your landing page in HTML to look great on any device, toggle between tablet and mobile views, and hide blocks of content that you don't want to show on mobile devices.

Coonect Landing Pages Directly To Your SharpSpring CRM

SharpSpring landing pages help you to capture information about visitors and add it to your CRM database. Add up different variants of the same landing page, follow up with personalised messages to leads, and perfect your funnel over time.

Effortlessly Track Landing Page Visitors

With SharpSpring, you can easily make landing pages for your business and easily track every visit. With just a few clicks, you can add media center links to your page that track browsing habits on external websites, trigger automated notifications and lead nurturing campaigns.

SharpSpring forms intergrate with the CRM system

Instantly edit Landing Page Forms

SharpSpring makes it easy to edit the text of your landing page without leaving the page. You can even track how visitors respond to your landing page and make adjustments on the fly without needing to update the entire page. SharpSpring's real-time updates ensure that you'll never have a stale, out of date website.

Advanced Landing Page Customisation With The HTML Editor

The SharpSpring landing page forms let you get behind the scenes of creating a perfect page for your brand. You can switch to HTML view, edit code directly, get design ideas and content blocks from our library or write custom code from scratch.

SharpSpring HTML Editor
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Content marketing has become essential in recent years and blog posts are a key driver for this.


The Easiest Blog Builder You’ll Ever Use

Get started on a blog without the hassle. With our point-and-click editor, creating and publishing posts is easy. You don’t need to input strict parameters to create quality, unique content and have your blog post ready in minutes rather than hours.

SharpSpring Blog builder

Make Your Blog Dynamic

We've made our blog site builder the best possible because it adjusts to each visitor's unique needs. Get your visitors and subscribers excited about your content with customized, relevant posts. You just need to right-click to swap out images, text, and other calls for action. Your blog index page will automatically match with different audiences based on who they are, what interests them, and how they behave on your website or blog.

SharpSpring dynamic content

Library of Responsive Designs

Choose from a selection of pre-made blog and website designs that are responsive. Each design can be edited to customize the blog or website’s perfect look.

SharpSpring blogs are responsive for any device

RSS Email Syndication

Keep your subscribers up to date on your latest content by automatically emailing blog posts, or scheduling a designated day of the week or month.

SharpSpring supports RSS email syndication

One-Click Blog Management

You can create new blog posts with a few clicks. With blog management tools, you can assign an author and category, publish content immediately, and manage multiple authors. Add custom categories for content in the blog builder to ensure that your posts are found by readers.

Manage blogs with one click on SharpSpring

Social Media for Blog Marketing and Management

In order to amplify your message, you should post and promote it everywhere. Social Media Marketing tools allow you to embed a social sharing widget in your posts so that viewers can share your content immediately; this will bring up more clicks, views, and leads. Encourage the viewer to connect with you across social networks so that they can get to know you better.

Social Media for Blog Marketing and Management

Integrate Blog Analytics with SharpSpring CRM

The SharpSpring blog builder automatically embeds the SharpSpring tracking code to capture every visit to every page of your blog. Easily add media centre links that allow you to track visits to external resources, such as YouTube videos or ebook downloads. Trigger automated notifications and workflows that respond to individual users’ actions. Drop-in and edit SharpSpring forms without leaving the page.

Integrate Blog Analytics with SharpSpring CRM

HTML Editor for Advanced Blog Management

If you know the code: go to HTML view and edit it directly. Edit our responsive index templates or create a totally new website in the HTML blog builder. Design your page's look and feel, or track your conversions for valuable reporting information with Page Fields.

HTML Editor for Advanced Blog Management
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Marketing Analytics

An essential piece to all marketing activity. SharpSprings Marketing Analytics platform helps you understand where your successes are coming from.

Marketing Analytics

Transformative Email Marketing Analytics

Follow the success of your email marketing all the way to bottom-line ROI using our comprehensive email marketing analytics. Success data such as click opens and successful deliveries are available to track success. Data also indicates messaging optimization opportunities by providing feedback.

Transformative Email Marketing Analytics

Campaign Analytics and Tracking

You can easily understand the income and expenses that go into your marketing budget when you understand every stage of a customer's journey. Easily see a user's conversions, even if they buy weeks later. You'll get a better sense of campaign analytics with each conversion funnel.

Campaign Analytics and Tracking

Marketing Analytics Tools with Behavior Tracking

With Life of the Lead tools, you can track interactions from any lead, including things like site visits and emails. You can follow individual leads with our Contact Manager dashboard, and then create actions that are triggered by interactions within that customer's specific buying process. With Life of the Lead tools, you will be able to create personalized inbound marketing, which is more likely to meet customer needs and wants.

Marketing Analytics Tools with Behavior Tracking

Campaign Analytics and End-to-End ROI

Achieve your ROI goals by tracking key metrics with Campaign Insights and measuring them with the goal "set, meet, and report on specific ROI targets.”

Campaign Analytics and End-to-End ROI

Multiple Device Tracking and Analytics

With SharpSpring, you'll know the devices prospective buyers use to get on your site. If someone comes from a laptop, but also browses your site from their smartphone, providing a compelling experience for the buyer on the phone might be key for getting them in your store.

Multiple Device Tracking and Analytics

Form Insights

When form-focused metrics are key to your marketing strategy, you need a complete suite of tools. With these tools, you can measure, compare and optimize form performance on your site.

Form Insights

Custom Reports for Campaign Marketing Analytics

SharpSpring Reports provide reports that are essential to evaluate current successes and prospects. It also offers customizable Campaigns, Emails and CRM Reports, so you can include the metrics that matter most to you. You can transform raw data into actionable ideas with full-spectrum marketing analytics and generate reports that are clear and accessible. This will help you measure the performance of your campaign strategies.

Custom Reports for Campaign Marketing Analytics
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Custom Campaign Tagging

Marketing data analytics is performing better when you break marketing campaigns down. Individual campaigns can be grouped and tagged, which saves time by accessing the analytics data in one step rather than scrolling through a database.

Custom Campaign Tagging

Unlimited Site Tracking

Add a tracking code snippet in seconds to start generating leads with your website. Track up to an unlimited amount of sites and use marketing analytics to optimize media channels.

Unlimited Site Tracking

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Understand what the SharpSpring platform can do for your business.


Track Leads Across Multiple Devices

With SharpSpring, you can use a data-driven approach to optimize your content strategy. SharpSpring analyzes traffic sources by device and learns how users access your website.

Robust CMS Compatibility

You can still blog with WordPress, Drupal, ExpressionEngine or Joomla! Use SharpSpring's all-purpose automation platform and you’ll receive increased analytics, blog and marketing automation tools, instant RSS sharing and 2-way synchronization.

Secure Your Brand with Robust User Roles

With SharpSpring, you can create custom content without compromising the safety and security of your Business. With our secure service platform, you don’t have to worry about data breaches. Simply store your data and then turn on a limit for specific users. Limit access for salespeople, site admins, and more by assigning privileges based on their needs.

Seamless Integration for 3rd-Party and Native Forms

The SharpSpring form builder is just one of the features that makes this marketing automation software so powerful. If you dont want to use forms, however, you can use the mapping tool and add them from Formstack, Gravity Forms, Wufoo, Sugar and Salesforce in seconds.

SharpSpring Developer API

SharpSpring has a built-in API that lets you create a product and sync it to your CRM. SharpSpring was built with the latest web standards, so any program should be able to speak to it. The API syncs instantaneously - no delays or hiccups in translation.

"With WordPress themes or other third-party APIs and templates, my designer’s hands were often tied ― not only on the front-end ― but especially on the back-end. With SharpSpring, our UI and dev teams are free to design to our clients’ unique demand generation and CRM needs." David Strand - Strand Marketing

Connect Everywhere with Zapier Integrations

Use Zapier to connect to hundreds of frequently used apps. No programming knowledge needed.

"We use a call tracking app called Ruler Analytics, and we wanted to integrate it with SharpSpring so we can understand a true ROI for our marketing campaigns. Zapier connected them instantly." William Seabrook - Creative Digital Agency

Run Events with WebEx Integrations

Add Webex to your forms for more targeted targeting. After attendees register, you can follow up with them using automated email workflows and dynamic messaging. You can use our marketing automation tool to build a sales funnel for each event, and track their success using analytics.

Unparalleled Partner Support

We make life easier for our clients. To get help, be sure to contact us at SharpSpring. Whether it’s a speedy response, advice, or assistance, you can count on us. Is there anything in particular that you need? We take suggestions seriously and are always improving our software.

"SharpSpring’s service and support is outstanding. The company goes out of its way to help me grow my business, even helping me pitch new business. SharpSpring actually lives and breathes its promises every day." Gary Williams CX3 Group

A Scalable, Secure, Service Automation Platform

SharpSpring uses a redundant server architecture and undergoes exhaustive security audits so your data will be safe and secure. Specific user roles provide access to your information for those in the appropriate positions, so it’s always accessible by the right people.

Single Sign-On for Agencies and Distributed Organizations

Switch between agency and clients, or master and sub-accounts, from a single, flexible platform, without the need for re-login. Share information with your team around the world and remove barriers between sales, marketing, web maintenance, and customer service teams. Use our email marketing automation tool to send real-time notifications whenever a lead is ready to hear from someone on your team.

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Save time and manage all of your social from one centralised place.


Create and Share Social Content Across All Platforms

Increase your social media reach and grow your business by managing all of your content in one place. See what’s planned and make changes on the fly from within the SharpSpring content calendar.

Schedule Posts, Or Post Instantly From The SharpSpring Content Calendar

Create and publish content across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in minutes. Manage your marketing by setting up posts for the future or scheduling at a specific date and time.

Connect Unlimited Profiles AndUnlimited Users To Sharp

SharpSpring is the best platform to manage all your social media – and we mean all your social media. Juggling 5 Twitter feeds, 4 Facebook profiles, 3 LinkedIn pages, and 99 other social media problems? No worries. Manage them all – with one person (or an army of marketers) – within a single platform. Give your whole team access to your social media presence, or set up specific roles to manage your online presence securely.

Post Once Across Unlimited Accounts

Turn any one-off post into a multi-channel winner by easily sharing great content across relevant social platforms and audiences simultaneously. Start big campaigns with a bang and give your followers a consistent experience across all social media platforms. Use our social media management platform to develop a coherent strategy and balanced presence across the internet.

Monitor Conversations That Matter

Our social media management application gives you powerful tools for social listening – and unlike some other social media management platforms, it’s not limited to a single network. Find and filter social conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by #hashtag, keyword and more. Find out what folks have to say about your brand, competitors and industry. Spot customer queries or support issues and respond instantly. Re-share user-generated content and positive reactions. Organize that feedback in customizable tabs so that your team has the information they need at their fingertips.

Identify Hot Leads & Brand Advocates

Likes, retweets, and shares mean more than brand awareness. They’re the start of a sale. Automatically adjust lead scores and capture interactions on the Life of the Lead to identify prospects that are ready to buy – and current customers willing to help you close the next deal. Find your best brand advocates online, and reach out with positive reinforcement and affiliate programs. Use the social media management platform to build real relationships with your customers, fast.

Trigger Automations Based on Social Activity

The best platform to manage social media goes beyond social media. Use the SharpSpring social media management platform to identify hot leads and integrate information with your CRM. Kick off a series of emails with related content or notify the sales team when a lead is ready to engage. Use other creative automations to feed your pipeline and convert social interactions into qualified leads or sales.

Show End-to-End Social ROI

We know that brands consistently ask social media management platforms for better analytics. Now you can create professional, customized, reports, to show the value of your social media marketing. Evaluate social media effectiveness beyond basic engagement and track leads’ progress down to the individual level with our powerful social media management platform. Organize your social posts into campaigns to see which channels and ideas perform best. Tweak or eliminate those that seemed promising but didn’t pan out. Optimize your strategy over time and identify areas for improvement or expansion.

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Drive 24/7 conversions with a network of unique chatbots that know who you’re engaging with, what they need, and where they are in your sales process. Add chatbots on your site to deliver content, answer questions, and facilitate live chat communication via Slack.

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